In Ayurveda Vamana has been described as the treatment which helps to throw out the doshas or the toxins out of the body from upper part in the form of induced vomitings.The patient is prepared for vamana by inducing oil/ghee intake for particular days,then massage and sudation done before the day of vamanam. If vamana is administered properly, the person feels relaxed and able to breathe freely. Lightness in the chest is experienced after undergoing the therapy. The person thinks clearly, develops a clear voice and good appetite. All the symptoms of congestion vanish away after the proper administration of Vamana therapy. Done only considering the strength of the patient.


Respiratory diseases including Bronchial Asthma, Chronic sinusitis, Obesty, Cough, Skin diseases, Heart burns, Anorexia, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Anaemia, Repeated attacks of tonsillitis

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