Santhosh Ayurveda Joint & Neurological Disorders

"Pain is an unpleasant feeling which disturbs your body and mind"

According to Ayurveda, pain is caused by the aggravation of vatadosha (air), vata manifests in the joints and produces dryness in synovial fluid leading to pain and if associated with kapha-stiffness, numbness, swelling in joints.

We provide effective treatment for :-

Low backache

Due to degenerative disc, disc prolapse, disc herniation, nerve compression, injury

Heel and knee joint pain

Obesity, injury, degeneration, calcaneous spur etc. Causes severe pain which aggravates on early morning and by long standing

Neck- shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis leading to stiffness numbness and weakness of shoulder, hand, radiating pain and difficulty in raising hands


Due to spinal disorders which causes nerve compression leading to radiating pain from low back to lower limbs associated with numbness of fingers of lower limbs

Paralysis / facial palsy

Due to stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury etc.

Post- trauma deformities

Fractures, ligament, tendon injuries, nerve compression

Myalgia (Muscle pain)

Due to trauma, excess strain, infections

Treatments under Vatari department

A period of 10 - 21 days is required for a proper panchakarma treatment. Internal medication also given along with external treatment . Yoga and diet advised.

Special packages available

  • Abhyangam
  • Sudation
  • Kizhi
  • Vasti
  • Virechanam
  • Upanaham

(Patient's are requested to bring their previous reports (X- ray, MRI, Ct etc.) and datas before admission.)

"Vatari"department has taken up curative and preventive aspect of joints and neurological disorders. Helps to improve the quality of life through education and we provide friendly and compassionate environment to every patient in our hospital"

MeruDandam (Spine)

Spine a Marmasthana in Ayurveda is a combination of strong bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and highly sensitive nerves. Obesity, irregular and uncomfortable spinal postures, stress, lifting heavy weight etc. leads to excess pressure in spine leading to slipped, disc, degenerative disc, sciatica, cervical spondylitis etc.

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